The Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes (CD)





Madlib presents his first CD collection of hip hop instrumentals with BEAT KONDUCTA VOL 1-2: MOVIE SCENES. These 35 new and original tracks have been culled from the now legendary beat CD's which provided the basis for Madlib's 2004-2005 production from Madvillian, Quasimoto and Jaylib.


Volume 1: Movie Scenes
1 The Comeback (Madlib)
2 The Payback (Gotta)
3 Face The Sun (Africa)
4 Open (Space)
5 Tape Hiss (Dirty)
6 Sir Bang (Bounce)
7 Third Ear (More)
8 Stax (Strings)
9 Electric Company (Voltage-Watts)
10 Left On Silverlake (Ride)
11 Painted Pictures (Art)
12 Gold Jungle (Tribe)
13 Offbeat (Groove)
14 Pyramids (Change)
15 Eternal Broadcaster (Authentic)
16 Spanish Bells (High Dreams)
Volume 2: Movie Scenes, The Sequel
17 The Rock (Humps)
18 Box Top (Cardboard Dues)
19 West Zone (Coastin)
20 Filthy (Untouched)
21 Friends (Foes)
22 Toe Fat (Ghettozone)
23 Money Hugger (Gold Diggin)
24 The Comeup (Come Down)
25 Two Timer (The Pimp)
26 Chopstyle (Suey Blast)
27 Black Mozart (Opus II)
28 Understanding (Comprehension)
29 Snake Charmer (Heads Up)
30 Old Age (Youngblood)
31 Fukwitus (The Eights)
32 African Walk (Zamunda)
33 Whutkanido (Can Do It)
34 The Forest (Greens)
35 Outerlimit (Space Ho)