Frank Nitt & Madlib

Madlib Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville (2xLP)





Double vinyl LP pressing. Madlib skipped from #8 to #10 and then kept moving. What happened to #9? It was upstate doing a little time behind bars. Madlib Medicine Show is a music series consisting of experimental hip-hop, jazz fusion, electronic music, and DJ mixes spanning the genres. Originally launched as a one-per-month, year-long series, Madlib Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 presents Nittyville, a full-length hip-hop album featuring Detroit's Frank Nitt, is the first to break the chronology. Frank is Detroit's Frank Nitt, protegee of the late J Dilla, formerly of Frank-n-Dank. Madlib is the Beat Konducta, Quasimoto, half- Madvillain & Jaylib, one of hip-hop's most acclaimed producer's favorite producers. Nittyville is also perhaps the most traditional of the series, and we make no bones about it: one MC, one producer, and a rap record all about stunts, blunts and hip-hop. As for 'Channel 85,' it is far off most dials. This album's concept TV station runs one show only: the comic-drama, reality-musical called Nittyville, featuring Frank, MED, Oh No, Madlib, and a supporting cast of extras. The album is 14 tracks including 10 rap tracks, 4 interludes, and runs 43 minutes.


A1 Nittyville (The Landing)
A2 So Beautiful (Dues Paid)
A3 Stageridin'
A4 Smoke Theme For Dankery Harv (Interlude)
B1 Jus' Follow
B2 The Exclusive (Bar Scene) (Feat. The Professionals)
B3 Eyegotcha
C1 Legalize It (Interlude)
C2 Sunday Sinema (Documentary Filmed On Location At The Do-Over In Los Angeles, CA)
C3 What Can U Tell Me (Feat. MED)
C4 The Truth (Interlude)
D1 Red Light Green
D2 Go There
D3 Set It Off (Feat. Prime)