Rock Konducta Pt. 2 (LP)





Rock Konducta followed Madlib’s instrumental “Beat Konducta” series, the producer’s raw hip-hop beat tapes brought to life.

The latest album finds it’s inspiration in various worldwide underground rock scenes from the 1960s through the 80s: American psychedelia, Germany’s Krautrock, acid-soaked Spanish prog-rock and synthy, early-80s oddities.


C1 Galactic Supermarket
C2 Ra Ash
C3 Focus Floating
C4 Cornucopia
C5 Water Or Bread (Raining)
C6 Licorice (The Beginning)
C7 Fällig
C8 Time Trips
C9 Hosanna IV
C10 Goloka
C11 Flammende
C12 Future Correlations
C13 Paradies
C14 Centauri
D1 Dies Irae
D2 Tapes Flying
D3 Set Crac
DA Black Dreams (Sludge Fight)
D5 Death Hand
D6 Teapot
D7 Stürmischer
D8 High Lizard
D9 Madness Tempel
D10 Düsseldorf
D11 Maboul
D12 Soon Over
D13 Zeit