Madlib Medicine Show #11: Low Budget High Fi Music (2xLP)





A 28-track hip-hop album of exclusive Madlib collabos w/ A.G., Guilty Simpson, MED, Oh No, Strong Arm Steady and others. Karriem Riggins pops in for a Supreme Team session, Madlib & Oh No debut The Professionals, and we hear a Jaylib-era track from their never-realized second album. Low Budget High Fi also contains several Loop Digga instrumentals and of course interludes, outerludes and probably quaaludes.


A1 The Loop Digga* - Sounds Of The Studio - Prelude
A2 The Professionals (12) - Hold Up
A3 The Loop Digga* - Handmade Hustle - Instrumental
A4 The Professionals (12) - Start Sumthin' - 93033 Featuring - MC Roc C*
A5 Guilty Simpson - Thoughts Of An Old Flame
A6 The Loop Digga* - Minze - Come Closer
A7 Madlib - Louder - Blast Your Radio Theme
B1 The Loop Digga* - The Ride - Nightcoastin' Instrumental
B2 AG.* - O.G. Pt. 1 - Whirwind Mix
B3 Oh No -O.G. Pt. 2 - Underwater Mix
B4 Frank Nitt* - Stageridin' - First Demo Double Image Mix
B5 The Loop Digga* - Love/Hate - Instrumental
B6 Strong Arm Steady - Loose Girl - Electronic Drunk Demon Version
C1 The Loop Digga* - Smoke Break - Whodat?
C2 Supreme Team (2) - Interview #4080
C3 The Loop Digga* - Embryo Thought Instrumental
C4 The Loop Digga* - The Adventures Of Soul Bra And Docta Dick'Em Pts. 1 And 2
C5 MED* & Poke* - Cheaters - Episode #3
D1 The Loop Digga* - Interliberation Interlude
D2 The Loop Digga* - Mic Check - Smoke Break Il
D3 MD (3) - Real Talk
D4 The Loop Digga* - The Sound Of Champions - Instrumental
D5 Strong Arm Steady - Charlie Hustle
D6 The Loop Digga* - Girls - Prelude
D7 The Loop Digga* - Same
D8 MED* - Snakes 101
D9 J Rocc - Girls
D10 J Rocc - Uh - Outro